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Ben just moved to a new town. He doesn’t know anybody. His parents are workaholics. He has no siblings or pets. Lamest. Summer. Ever.

When Ben’s folks decide to get him the best robot on the market to keep him company, he thinks the Lifetime User Companion (LUC) is cooler than a polar bear’s swimming pool. LUC knows something about everything, is super strong and fast, and has a ton of great gadgets. Together, the two go on adventures so grand, they seem magical.

LUC soon decides what Ben really needs are his parents – not a robot replacement. Designed to act in the boy’s best interest, LUC hatches a plan to bring Ben’s family together again. But, will Ben survive LUC’s well-programmed intentions?

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“Young or old, this story will entertain from start to finish. I highly recommend this story.”

“Very good book. I would recommend to really any reader who enjoys adventure close to home.”

“What an amazing story – gripping.”

What readers are saying about C.M. Greathouse:

“Greathouse has a way of writing a story that grabs and holds you.”

“Thank you for sharing your amazing talent.”

“C.M. Greathouse provides entertainment for the whole family.”

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