Have some fun today – and tomorrow, too

If you’re beginning to feel like a Lethargian in the Dolldrums, that’s a solid sign you’re in a rut. *

It’s okay. It happens to everyone. You’re shuffling from thing to thing, doing what you need to do, crossing things off your list with a satisfying pen swoosh. Suddenly, you realize: I’m bored and I don’t want to do this anymore.

Instead of bailing on your responsibilities (and probably regretting it – you likely do them for a reason), consider throwing in a random bit of weird to wake up and have fun. Warning: Fun can be contagious. The people around you may also exhibit signs of joy.

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My second (but really my first) horseback ride

When I was a kid, I rode a horse. In my mind, I was riding sideways on my galloping war stallion while shooting arrows through the eyes of needles from 200 feet (as a soldier against the Great Needle Uprising of the 1980s, I guess). In reality, I sat rigid as a cement pole on a super mellow, super old horse while my friend led us by the reins down her driveway. It was five minutes of serious epicness.

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